Hermes Scarf for knoting way ...

In hot summer,will you use the scarf for accessories ? Now share the hermes scarf for knotting creative way .  Hope you enjoy, have fun experimenting!

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Talented Fashion Illustrator

Talented Fashion Illustrator fm Washington DC is Inslee Hanes,  I love her work and he dream for what she drawing...

Please enjoy..


Love Skirt for hot summer.......

No matter what color and length.. All we love..


Love Face Painitng..

LET'S PLAY !! In this summer before school, DFCA X Rebecca Yum will have the fun face painting party
Rebecca will teach face painting skill topic for "Creepy Crawlies & Flower --大自然"  and the children can hand draw their own bag as the same time .

炎炎夏日, 星級化妝師 Rebecca Yum X DFCA 親子繪臉派對. Rebecca 會即場示範及教授繪花,蝴蝶, 蜜蜂...等等技巧,...
而小朋友可以在同場手繪布袋. 使小朋友及父母可以同樂...
Date :27 Aug 2011
Time  : 2:00-3:15  (1.15 Hours)
地點: 九龍彌敦道172-174號太平洋大廈地下 (山林道 McDonald's)
Address : G/F-1/F Pacific Mansion, 172-174 Nathan Road, Kowloon (Hillwood McDonald's)

Fee :  1 Kid+ 1 Adult ---HKD 300                          ----1(小童 + 1成人)----HKD 300
         1 Adult ---HKD 200                                     ----1 (成人) ----HKD 200
            Family (2 Kid + 2 Adult 成人----HKD 400               ----- 家庭 (2 小童 + 2 成人) ---HKD 400
Fee are including using cosmetics and the gift pack of following  
( 費用是包括的化妝品及以下禮物包)

- Watercolor brush nylon x 1 set                                 ----    水彩尼龍刷 x 1 set
- Mask x 1 pc                                                            ----    面具 x 1 pc
- Carry Bag 1 pc                                                       ----   不織布袋 1 pc
- HKD 50 McDonald's food (in the party)                 ----    HKD 50 麥當勞食物  (用在派對上)
- McDonald'sgift x 1 pack for  children                      ----    麥當勞 禮物 x 1 (小朋友)
- Venchi chocolate x 1 pack For Adult                      ----     Venchi chocolate x 1 pack (成人)

Gift Pack is worth HKD250 ..                                ----     禮物包總值是HKD250..

 If you or your children birthday in August , we have the birthday Cake & 5% Discount for celebration.

Parents can be in a fun atmosphere, create a better parent-child relationship, if you want to know more about your children, why not learn and play with them,家長在一個玩樂氣氛 中,建立更良好的親子關係, 如果你想更了解你的小朋友, 何不與他們一起學習和玩樂, 親子課程兒童的面部彩繪派對
If interested in attending, please e-mail: modedsgn@gmail.com reservation or call 6478-0525 Yoko

如有興趣報名,歡迎 e-mail : modedsgn@gmail.com留位或致電查詢 6478-0525 Yoko

Ps. If like us in facebook fan page " DFCA" , will got 10% Discount for this party.. Please come and join the hot summer party...


Super cute fashion illustrator – Natalia Grosner

時裝插畫給人定義是華麗,但在藝術家 Natalia Grosner 筆下時裝插畫是這些超超可愛的 Q 版模特兒, 插畫是由藝術家 根據自己在觀賞 2011 秋裝走秀時將喜愛的模特兒及時裝以插畫的方式畫下來,真是另類的時尚插畫作品!