” THE YEAR’S BEST FASHION ILLUSTRATION ” selected about 20 fashion illustrations from USA and Europe which show different style and media such as pencil outline, watercolor, color pencil..etc. Each of the illustration has its style and uniqueness.

YAN FONG’s Fashion illustration got published in “THE YEAR’S BEST FASHION ILLUSTRATION” published by DESIGN MEDIA PUBLISHION LTD.


Talkshow for Men's Image Dressing

OurRadioHK TalkShow Recap . Date : Apr 13, 2011 . Guest: Yan FONG . Host:  Norris, Santino  
YAN FONG in OurRadio Talkshow
YAN FONG in OurRadio Talkshow
  Tophic : MenFashion  Nowaday
 - Tell the audience about Yan’s fashion related background
Yan Fong Print and Textile Design Studio who focus is to provide unique and innovative print and pattern designs that keep up with consumer trends. Studio takes our clients conceptual ideas and develops them into a powerful and marketable digital textile design for their specific projects. This is all accomplished through our extensive experience in taking practical design inspirations from a wide range of market research, our expertise in using CAD software.
Clients are leaders in appeal industry with specialties in women’ s, swimwear, children, junior’s, contemporary, home textiles and conservative lifestyles.Our design team brings to the table a higher understanding and analysis on up and coming fashion trends, color design themes, key bodies or silhouettes as well as graphics.
Yan FONG studied fashion & textile design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). She worked as a freelance designer and traveled extensively overseas in places like New York,Paris,Japan,China, Asia. Yan initially a lecturer Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing of various Design Institutes.
-   How many different type of male fashion in the market?  
-           Casual Smart (most poplar) eg. LACOATE, PAUL SMITH, J CREW,
-           Formal Suit (business wear) BROOKS BROTHERS NY, CERRUTI FR,
-           Active Sport eg. G-STAR RAW, COTTONFIELD DEMARK,           
-  How do fashion industry divide market segment in age ? 
- Young Men (15-24)
- Men (25-34)
- Mature Men (35-44)
- Middle Age Men (45-60)
- Old Men (over 60)
-  How do we match what we wear with our work our lifestyle and our identity?
        -    Work : First of all you have to define what you need to wear for your work, for example if you ever need to meet customers, rather international or local you might need to wear suit. And then seeing if you are able to wear smart style suit rather than formal classic suit. There are different style with different approach.
-          Lifestyle : Than you should you know if you are involved in different kind of activities, like after work happy hour, after work meeting, dinner with friend, dating or  other gathering. This is your social life living in the city, you might not have time to go back home to change so that best is make a good selection for an outfit which are able to dress for work as well as after work social life.
-          Identity : This is the key of all the dress code as you must know your own identity in terms of your body shape, your skin color, your hairstyle, your personality. If you are an outgoing person with good body shape you are easy to select your clothes but what if you have a stomach and you lack of sport, you must try to cover it up with clothes. This is the usage to dress appropriately.
Can you tell us more about different types of fashion for different occasion?
- Outdoor activity – sport wear : There are certain rules for outdoor outfits, pls take some functional items like moisture management, wicking for your tee. As it is quite disgusting if you are all sweat during the hiking or boating. It will be great to follow the fashion trend for the lastest color for outdoor, like pastel blue tee mixed with linen Jeans. Brands related like Lasoste, ASOS, Topman, Urban Outfitters,Diesel
- Executive – suits : It is important to know who are you going to meet for that day even you need to wear suit in your weekday. There are different kind of suit in the market, if you wanna go classy, pick the tonal grey for plaid or stripes, if you wanna go  modern, pick something coating in the surface to make you shine.
-  Most of the guys would like to know how can they dress for dating, can you pls give us some advice?
- Fine Dinning
You should dress with a modern smart blazer for example navy blue with a little coating on the surface, because the lighting will be so gloomy and you should like yourself shine in such occasion. To go along with the blazer, you can pick the shirt with some texture like jacquard in white color, pls remember to roll up your sleeves during dinning and button down a little to give a more relax feels. For the trousers, you can match with the color of the blazer a little darker, better dress with something slim fit but never go with cropped pant even it is so fashionable. For the shoes pls keep it clean and in Italian quality.
- Have a drink, happy hour or late at night
You should dress in smart modern, for example a white shirt with a little bit crispy and roll up sleeves and a pair of nice jeans. It is important to bring your identity and your character by your outfit, if you are a outgoing person, pick some shape color for your top and if you are kind of gentlemen style, pick something close to your skin color that will all makes you look great!
- tea or coffee
It usually happens after lunch or a short break during work. If you think a tee is too causal, add a cardigan on, there are some trendy and stylish cardigan in Zara or H&M, most of them are easy to make and match with your working shirt. So try something different but the key is they should be comfortable but not over, less is more! 

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Has no friends boast of "homemade" bag? No experence from home-made or hand-stitched, just want to make it easy to create own bags. In fact, practice  is the best way for the hand-stitched bags . This course is the most easy way to take you to find Introduction to sew fun. And you only need to bring love and patience, a needle of a needle to sewing forward to complete a unique "homemade" bag:

Course ref:
DATE: 08 MAY,2011 (2:00-5:00) SUN
Product :Card Holder
Price :HKD 380/per

/ DFCA-LEA000300-2GB
DATE: 18 MAY,2011 (6:30-9:30) WED
Product :Card Holder
Price :HKD 380/per

/ DFCA-LEA000300-3GB
DATE: 22 MAY,2011 (2:00-5:00)SUN
Product :Small Wallet
Price :HKD 580/per

/ DFCA-LEA000300-4GB
DATE: 29 MAY,2011 (2:00-5:00) SUN
Product :Small wallet
Price :HKD 580/per

if any question or apply the course, Please email to modedsgn@gmail.com

lecture Information:
MALLET LEATHER WORKSHOP成立主要目的係為所有對皮革有興趣的人建立一個平台去深入認識皮革。除左可以係workshop學到製作一件皮革產品的過程之外,亦可以學到好好運用工具等知識。 我們相信只要有心,任何人都一定可以做到.
The main purpose of the establishment of the leather for all who are interested in establishing a platform to in-depth understanding of leather. Except left to create a system workshop to learn the process of leather products, in addition, they can learn tools and knowledge to good use. We believe that if we really want, anyone can do it.


Our Address


Flat D, 4/F, Wing Hing Lee Ind. Bldg., 32 Hung To Rd., Kwun Tong, Kowloon.Hong Kong.




* Do you secretly want to look better than other men around you?
* Do you want to attract higher quality women?
* Want to get more business or a promotion?
* Do you wish you had more confidence?
* Are you wearing the same boring thing that your peers and
  co-worker are, and how do you dress your own identity ?
* Do you wish you stood out in a crowd...for the right reasons?

We advice you the appropriate new look and grooming that accentuates your best
attributes- all in an effort to present a confident and stylish image.

Course Detail:

Teacher Yan Fong
DateMay 10,2011
Time6:30p.m -9:30p.m
Enroll Limit15
FeeHKD 300
Language English/Cantonese /Mandarin
RemarksIndividual style advice
guest might be invite for sharing 
EnquiryYoko Yiu
AddressFlat D, 4/F, Wing Hing Lee Ind. Bldg., 32 Hung To Rd., 
Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Hong Kong.
Tel(852) 6478-0525


This course is offers you the chance to learn the fashion drawing and the widest range of illustration , graphic and visual communication skills. The course is underpinned by a strong drawing and conceptual emphasis and is enhanced by contemporary techniques in photography, new media and the moving image. The small group of students taken on each year creates a personalized course experience.
羨慕別人可以畫出自己風格的時裝繪圖, 自己不管如何努力還是不能如願. 參加過一些時裝繪圖課程,但成效不大.現本課程是小組學習時裝繪畫,由淺入深,使一些初學者或想加強時裝繪圖人士修讀。



Course Feature :

•Fashion Interpretation and Life Drawing
•Illustration of Live Models
•Accessory and Figure Composition
•Fashion Image Drawing
•Anatomical Life Drawing
•Advanced Media Color Rendering

n 課程為HK$850每月4
n 每堂2小時
地點: 九龍官塘鴻圖道32號榮興利大廈4樓(4/F)D座(請先預約)
日期 :  逢星期二

上課時間: (10-12am, 12:45-2:45, ---為暑期班時間)

Enguiry Yoko Yiu
Address Flat D, 4/F, Wing Hing Lee Ind. Bldg., 32 Hung To Rd.,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon.Hong Kong.
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DFCA 是一間 由夢想開始地方, 一班對設計,時裝,,手藝 &藝術熱愛的人. 希望透過分享,教學 & 展示 .

D= Design , 生活充滿設計,  Design is full of life,
F= Fashion, 時裝是生活記錄,  Fashion is our record,
C=Carft , 手藝是傳承, Craft is inheritances,
A =Art , 藝術是生活色彩 , Art is color of life